Hartford I-84 Viaduct Replacement Project

The consultants working on the design of the I-84 viaduct replacement project are seeking input from the trucking industry. They are looking for volunteers from our industry to to provide input as they consider options.

There are three purposes for the roundtable:

  1. To begin the process of connecting with freight interests on the Hartford I-84 viaduct project.
  2. To brief attendees on the status of the project.
  3. To hear concerns and preferences with regard to both long-term solutions and construction process issues.

i-84-hartford-viaduct-projectThey propose to invite representatives from trucking, rail and airport freight interests. The program will begin with an orientation about the project and its status, followed by discussion and Q&A. It will be a “roundtable” format.

They would like to hold the roundtable at the Connecticut DOT headquarters in early fall (September or October) and would like 15-25 representatives, but a larger attendance can be accommodated. It is important our message and concerns be conveyed at this point in the process. When this project begins, we must be prepared for major dislocation and other problems for the next several years. The planners need to understand the real-world consequences of a project of this size and scope.

They have asked MTAC to assist by identifying and encouraging a wide spectrum of the industry to participate. Please contact MTAC via email or call (860) 520-4455 if you are interested in participating.