Goodyear offers cost-savings for MTAC members

Goodyear has set up special program for MTAC members. When purchasing Goodyear tires through any authorized Goodyear tire dealer, MTAC members who reference our national account number will receive discounted pricing on tires used for on-highway applications, off-highway, construction, and more. The program includes Goodyear as well as Dunlop products.

Update (Aug. 3, 2017) – Goodyear has just provided updated rates for tires that are covered in the program, which can be seen at this link. Many of the changes are favorable.

When the volume of tires purchased through this program increases, the discounts will increase. This is the benefit of a strong purchasing plan – small businesses combine their buying power to access bulk discounts that would not normally be available.

Contact the MTAC office to be provided the account number exclusively available to MTAC members.