General Assembly passes MTAC’s highest legislative priority

Connecticut House Bill No 6707 (Partial Version) [PDF] – An act concerning the loss of an operator license due to a drug or alcohol testing program and unemployment benefits. To prevent an employer’s base period account from being charged for unemployment benefits if the claimant has been discharged or suspended because the claimant lost his or her operator license as a result of failing a drug or alcohol testing program while off duty.

Now awaiting the governor’s signature, this bill will address an inequity in state law that kicks in when a truck driver looses his commercial drivers license as a result of a conviction of a DUI in an automobile. Under current law, even though the separation was not voluntary, disciplinary or for lack of work, the Department of Labor treats this circumstance as a layoff. This results in employers’ unemployment compensation assessments being increased, even though the separation was required by law.

HB 6707 prohibits the employers’ unemployment compensation rate from increasing as a result of this situation occurring. After being signed by Gov. Malloy, it will become effective on Oct. 1, 2015. You can read the entire bill at the State of Connecticut’s website.