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General Assembly: Democrats capture State Senate and increase majority in House

From Hartford Courant.

With Democrat Ned Lamont winning the race for governor, Democrats also captured a stunning victory in legislative races, seizing a solid majority in the state Senate and potentially increasing their majority in the state House by a dozen seats, unofficial election results showed Wednesday.

The results signaled a growing rout for Republicans in Connecticut, with Democrats winning or leading virtually all statewide races. Democrats celebrated victories around the state, making inroads into GOP strongholds in the suburbs and, particularly, Fairfield County. One Senate District along the state’s Gold Coast saw its first Democrat elected in nearly 90 years and one House District in Greenwich in more than a century.

In the state House, Democrats also could pick up as many as 12 seats in the 151-member legislative chamber, giving them a commanding 92-to-59 majority, dealing a setback to GOP gains in recent elections. The exact political composition of the House will not be known until three recounts play out.

House Majority Leader Matt Ritter, of Hartford, said Wednesday the strong showing by Democrats to addressing tough issues — the state’s budget woes, transportation — and not leaning solely on opponent attack ads.

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