FMCSA seeks approval to study driver commuting times

From Transport Topics:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking approval from the White House Office of Management and Budget to study the safety effects of excessive motor carrier operator work commutes — primarily those exceeding 150 minutes.

The 2015 FAST Act mandates that the agency submit a report of findings to Congress, according to a Nov. 27 announcement in the Federal Register seeking public comment.

If granted approval by OMB, the agency plans to gather information on the prevalence of excessive commuting in the commercial motor vehicle industry, including the number and percentage of drivers who commute, the distances traveled, time zones crossed, time spent commuting, methods of transportation used, research on the impact of excessive commuting on safety and CMV driver fatigue, the commuting practices of CMV drivers and policies of motor carriers.

FMCSA said it wants to provide a random sample of 12,000 drivers via an email-web survey based on recent Motor Carrier Management Information System data.

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