FMCSA – Safety Management System

Did you know that your company’s safety record is public information that anybody in the world can see? Through FMCSA’s Safety Management System (SMS), your customers, competitors, insurance companies, and anyone else can see almost any violation incurred by your business during the last few years. The SMS shows Out Of Service (OOS) rates for both vehicle-based violations, and driver-incurred violations. The system shows how your company’s OOS rates compare to the national average. The SMS shows specific information about violations that are categorized as any of the following: Unsafe Driving; Hours of Service Compliance; Vehicle Maintenance; Controlled Substances and Alcohol; Driver Fitness.

It is especially important to monitor your company’s SMS records regularly. It is possible that inaccurate information could appear on your record. If that happens, you will need to act quickly to address it. Regular monitoring of your SMS records could also make you aware of a situation where one of your drivers is cited for a violation, but he or she does not report that to you.

Attend this in-person class at MTAC in order to learn how to monitor your company’s public SMS records, and thus improve safety and compliance with federal regulations.

*Refunds will be given with 48-hour notice of cancellation in advance of scheduled class.

Course Fee

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  • Non-Members – $90 per person

Course fees include materials and refreshments.