FMCSA issues guidance clarifying personal conveyance rules

From Transport Topics.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on May 31 issued new regulatory guidance to clarify the agency’s personal conveyance regulation, as well as the applicability of the agricultural commodity 150-air-miles hours-of-service exemption.

The clarifications, which have been posted on the agency’s website, address:

  • Drivers operating unladen vehicles traveling either to pick up an agricultural commodity or returning from a delivery point;
  • Drivers engaged in trips beyond 150 air miles from the source of the agricultural commodity;
  • Determining the source of agricultural commodities under the exemptions;
  • How the exception applies when agricultural commodities are loaded at multiple sources during a trip.

The clarification comes after nearly 850 public comments were submitted to the Federal Register docket on the proposed guidance pertaining to the transportation of agricultural commodities and the personal conveyance provision.

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