Drug & Alcohol Abuse Awareness for Supervisors

MTAC has scheduled a new training class regarding drug and alcohol abuse awareness for supervisors for May 23, from 9 a.m. to noon. The class will be taught by Kayleigh Ash, owner of Onsite Drug and Alcohol Drugs Services, LLC. Onsite is also a preferred clinic for participants of MTAC’s drug and alcohol testing consortium.

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace might be the single greatest threat to your business. Your best defense is a well-trained supervisor. Who knows your drivers better? It is the supervisor who must be able to recognize drug and alcohol abuse and understand the elements of reasonable suspicion testing.

In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations (49CFR Part 382.603) mandate that all persons designated to supervise drivers receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and receive an additional 60 minutes of training on controlled substance use.

This is one safety issue that you cannot afford to overlook. Make certain your supervisors are trained so they can make sound decisions concerning drivers possibly impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The class is $50 for members, $75 for non-members. Register online today.