Driver Qualification Seminar

Are your drivers properly qualified? If (when) USDOT arrives at your business are your driver qualification (DQ) files in order? Which drivers need a DQ file? What is the difference in the files for a CDL vs a Non-CDL driver?

To comply with the medical certificate process, what do I need in my DQ file? (Due to change in June 2018.) What are some of the pitfalls encountered when that DOT audit occurs? How long do I need to keep DQ records? After my driver files are set up what do I need to do annually to maintain them?

These are some of the questions that will be answered during this two-hour Driver Qualification seminar. Don’t leave your company open to violations that can be easily avoided!

Limited to 35 attendees. First come, first served.

*Refunds will be given with 48-hour notice of cancellation in advance of scheduled class.

Course Fee

  • MTAC Members – $55 per person
  • Non-Members – $80 per person

Course fees include materials and refreshments.