Does Connecticut need a transportation authority?

From CT News Junkie.

As the legislature gets closer to approving tolls, it’s also distancing itself from the process by debating legislation that would create a transportation authority, like the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“I don’t understand why anyone wants to be like the MTA in New York,” Joe Sculley, president of the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, told the Transportation Committee Monday. “They have sky-high tolls … and they’re $38 billion in debt.”

Sculley was testifying on a bill that would “create an authority dedicated to overseeing and prioritizing transportation projects.”

Rep. Roland Lemar, D-New Haven, said the bill was added to Monday’s public hearing agenda because Monday was their deadline to have a hearing on proposed bills. He said the concept is also included in other bills that more directly deal with revenue ideas like tolls to fund improvements to Connecticut’s roads, bridges, and rail.

Sculley said if these transportation authorities are so great, then how come none of them have any money?

He also asked why the state of Connecticut would want to “abdicate” all its control to an unelected board that’s going to establish tolls on almost every highway in the state?

“This is worse than just tolls,” Sculley said. “If people want tolls, then put up a tolls bill and just vote for it, don’t try to go through this quasi-government body.”

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