DMV & DAS simplify state contracts eligibility review process

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in conjunction with the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), has simplified the process for determining whether or not a motor carrier is eligible to enter into a contract with the State of Connecticut. MTAC applauds the move, which will supersede the former policy, which was problematic for several reasons.

Under the new policy, the motor carrier applying for the contract will have to provide proof of participation in a random drug and alcohol testing program, and provide their insurance agent’s name, email and phone number, so that DMV can contact the insurance agent to verify sufficient coverage.

Besides those requirements, DMV and DAS will verify other items that should not be a problem for a carrier applying for a contract, such as: the business’s DOT Number cannot be inactive, outdated, or under a Federal Out of Service (OOS) order; the business cannot have any suspensions or outstanding money owed and cannot show any outstanding property tax owed to a municipality; the business cannot owe any outstanding taxes to the CT Department of Revenue Services.  If applicable, carriers must also have registered their business with the Secretary of State’s office.

Current and prospective state contractors – which include many MTAC members – should find this new policy to be simple, straightforward, and fair. A copy of the official policy can be seen here [PDF].

MTAC thanks DMV Commissioner Magubane for her leadership and work to implement this common sense policy.