CT Mirror: Connecticut traffic likely to get worse

CT Mirror reported on a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the traffic-monitoring firm INRIX that the Bridgeport-Stamford area is the second-most congested area of its size in the nation, and motorists there spent an average of 49 hours in traffic tie-ups each year.

Connecticut has some of the worst traffic in the nation, with jams that cost drivers about 20 gallons of wasted fuel and dozens of hours of lost time each year, and things are likely to get worse, a new report says.

… the Urban Mobility Scorecard … [reported] Hartford was the fifth most congested medium-sized city in the nation, with drivers’ spending an average of 45 hours a year in traffic delays. New Haven came in 11th, with an average of 40 hours a year in traffic jams.

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