CT DMV reinstates unnecessary paperwork requirement

In early December, MTAC reported that CT DMV had eliminated the policy which held that a Federal Annual Inspection report is required in order to register a new commercial motor vehicle. MTAC stated that this was a good policy change, as it eliminated an unnecessary paperwork requirement. Unfortunately, MTAC was informed last week that the old policy is back in place.

As a result of this change, a Federal Annual Inspection report will once again be required in order to register new trucks.

According to the former policy, which is now effective again, “registrants of these vehicles are required to submit a Federal Annual Inspection Report (49 CFR 396.17) that has been completed by a dealer or repairer licensed in the State of Connecticut, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a person or motor carrier who has completed and submitted an Inspector Qualification form stating the inspector is qualified to perform the inspection in accordance with 49 CFR 396.19. The Federal Annual Inspection Report shall be dated within the preceding 12 months of the date of registration and the registrant must have been in control of the vehicle at the time of the Federal Annual Inspection unless the inspection was performed by the OEM. The Federal Annual Inspection Report completed by a licensed dealer/repairer shall include the dealer/repairer’s business name and identifying license number. The Inspector Qualification Form, if required, shall be dated on or prior to the date of the inspection (photocopies are acceptable).”

MTAC believes that the federal regulations are clear that it is the responsibility of the motor carrier to comply with federal regulations regarding Federal Annual Inspection reports once the new commercial vehicles are put into service. CT DMV employees do not need to be checking Federal Annual Inspection reports for brand new vehicles that just rolled off the assembly line.

Click here to see a letter that is being sent by CT DMV to carriers who may have had vehicles registered in December without having had to present a Federal Annual Inspection form.