COVID Vaccination Survey – Responses Needed

MTAC is working with the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) to gather information from critical infrastructure stakeholders (such as the commercial trucking industry) to help plan for early allocation of COVID-19 vaccinations. Accordingly, MTAC and DPH are asking members to complete the brief survey.

After meeting with DPH, MTAC has some suggestions and clarifications for members regarding some of the survey questions.

  • On Question 1, name of sector, put “Commercial Trucking”
  • On Question 4, contact name of person who will be coordinating COVID-19 vaccinations at workplace, enter the name of the person at your business who will coordinate vaccine distribution, such as a Human Resources, Operations, or Safety Manager.
  • On Question 7, vaccinator (business entity giving the shots), enter the name of the facility where your employees would go to receive the vaccination, for example, CVS or Walgreens.
  • On Question 8, Vaccinator point of contact name, enter the name of the person your business works with at a facility such as CVS or Walgreens
    • Questions 9 and 10 are looking for that person’s email address and phone number
  • On Question 11, enter the number of employees who play a key role in keeping essential functions of society running and cannot socially distance in the workplace
    • On Question 12, enter the remaining number of employees your business has

Please complete this survey ASAP, as DPH is seeking responses by Nov. 27. DPH will use survey responses to help craft a plan for vaccine allocation.  Members should err on the side of caution while completing the survey. For example, even if you have questions about whether a union contract / collective bargaining agreement (or some other circumstance) might prohibit employees from immediately receiving this vaccine, include them in your count anyways.

Members can view a memo from the state regarding vaccination planning, and a slide deck from a recent meeting with DPH.