Connecticut Truck Driving Championship results

The Connecticut Truck Driving Championship was held on Saturday, June 9 at FedEx Freight in Windsor Locks, Conn. Congratulations to Grand Champion Mark McClure from Domino’s SCC CT. The following is a list of winners from all classes of competition. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Step Van

  • 1st Place: JOHN FALKEVITZ, FedEx Express
  • 2nd Place: GREG GUAY, FedEx Express

Straight Truck

  • 1st Place: DREW MARTIN, FedEx Express
  • 2nd Place: Shaun Bryant, USA Hauling & Recycling
  • 3rd Place: John Mahon, Mondelez International


  • 1st Place: DAVID MISENHEIMER, Domino’s SCC CT
  • 2nd Place: Thomas Griffin, FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Tim Cohen, FedEx Freight


  • 1st Place: DAVID BRYANT, FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Dave Buonocore, Bozzuto’s
  • 3rd Place: Glen Cooke, FedEx Express

5-Axle Van

  • 1st Place: MARK MCCLURE, Domino’s SCC CT
  • 2nd Place: John Greene, FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Ted Wish, Frito Lay


  • 1st Place: PAUL BRANDON, FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: John Ladue, Domino’s SCC CT
  • 3rd Place: Ed Carroll, Bozzuto’s


  • 1st Place: CLINT MARTIN, Domino’s SCC CT
  • 2nd Place: Arden Casiano, Frito Lay
  • 3rd Place: Matthew Kinkade, UPS

Tank Truck

  • 1st Place: TONY SPERO, ABF Freight
  • 2nd Place: Randy Frazier, Coastal Carriers

Twin Trailers

  • 1st Place: WILLIAM OAKES, FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Karen Roderick, FedEx Ground
  • 3rd Place: William Cramer III, FedEx Ground