Connecticut Truck Driving Championship

Driver Eligibility

In order to satisfy eligibility for participation in the American Trucking Associations’ National Championships, only drivers employed by MTAC member companies can compete in the state championships.

Drivers who have won the same class of competition in two consecutive state championships and gone on to compete at the Nationals may not compete in that class in the state for two consecutive championships. They must “retire” from that class for two consecutive national championships. However, a driver may compete at the national championship during those two years of “retirement” in a different class.

For Step Van drivers, the rule only requires one year of “retirement.”

Contestants must have performed the regular duties of a professional truck driver for a minimum of 1,200 hours annually. The contestant must have spent no less than 60 percent of their work hours performing the regular duties of a professional truck driver. The entering employer shall be the driver’s primary employer and the driver must have been employed by the entering employer for at least 12 months prior. The driver must have performed the regular duties of a driver for at least 11 out of those 12 months.

To compete in the Connecticut championship, drivers must be “occupationally domiciled” in Connecticut, or must live in Connecticut. Each driver shall have an accident-free record since the date of last year’s National Championship (Aug. 17, 2019). Contestants shall be properly licensed to operate vehicles within their class of competition and they shall be medically qualified.