Connecticut DOT calling for background checks on HHG moving company officers

The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Public Transportation has recently been notifying House Hold Goods (HHG) moving companies that they have an obligation to have “initial” and ongoing background checks, including fingerprints, completed for their corporate officers. The Bureau of Public Transportation is demanding these requirements, even though many HHG movers are family businesses that have been in business in Connecticut for decades, and have never dealt with this type of request.

When asked to cite a regulation that explicitly gives them the legal authority to order these background checks and fingerprints, Connecticut’s DOT Bureau of Public Transportation has repeatedly failed to provide a citation. Accordingly, it is hard to envision a HHG mover complying with this potentially expensive, burdensome, intrusive mandate until legal authority is clearly established.

It is also worth noting the DOT’s Bureau of Public Transportation does not have jurisdiction over interstate moves. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has jurisdiction over any interstate commercial trucking (and moving) operation. The only type of HHG move the DOT’s Bureau of Public Transportation would have jurisdiction over is a HHG move from one place in Connecticut to another place in Connecticut. In other words, they only have jurisdiction over INTRAstate moves.

MTAC will alert members if the DOT’s Bureau of Public Transportation is ever able to cite a regulation which provides explicit authority for them to order background checks and fingerprints for corporate officers.

If you have questions on this matter, contact MTAC’s Joe Sculley at (860) 520-4455.