Connecticut DMV accepting medical certifications via email

In response to requests from MTAC, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has created an email address that Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders can use to submit their medical certifications to the state. The new email address is, and the sender simply needs to attach a .pdf file of their medical certification to the email that is sent to that address. That email address is now in use, and is ready to accept messages with medical certifications attached.

MTAC believes that the creation of this email address will solve administrative problems members had experienced with submitting their medical certification via fax. Specifically, issues like faxes mistakenly being sent upside down and showing as blank, the receiving fax machine being out of paper, or even connection problems preventing successful transmission, could have led senders to believe that their submission was received and processed. These specific examples are essentially eliminated by the email option.

Members that email their medical certifications rather than fax them in should still use this DMV website to confirm that the medical certification is reflected in DMV’s system. Be advised that DMV states on its website that it could take ten business days for them to process documents that were sent to them. In the meantime, a driver could carry a copy of the sent email in the truck along with their medical certification as further proof that the certification was in fact submitted. If after ten business days a follow-up check of the driver’s license does not reflect an updated medical certification, it should be sent again.

Finally, as a reminder, all MTAC members and their drivers should be aware of when each driver’s medical certification expires, and get examined by a Certified Medical Examiner (who is registered with FMCSA) before their current certification expires.

MTAC appreciates that the DMV has made this move to try to ease the administrative burden for businesses and their employees who are complying with federal regulations.