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Committee votes on sales tax exemption for trucks

Your action is required immediately. At 11 a.m. today (April 29) the State of Connecticut’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee will vote to repeal Connecticut’s current exemption of new, used or leased commercial vehicles from Connecticut’s 6.35 percent sales tax.

There has been speculation the committee was considering repealing several exemptions and lowering the general rate of the sales tax. We have been worried that our exemption might be on the table and our worst fears have been realized today.

We need to mobilize and explain to legislators how important the sales tax exemption has been to the Connecticut trucking industry. First adopted in 1995, this provision exempts the sale, rental, or lease of new or used commercial motor vehicles (GVWR over 26,000 pounds) from Connecticut’s 6.35 percent sales tax. The proposal under discussion would repeal several exemptions, add to the list of taxable services and lower the rate of the whole tax to less than Governor Malloy’s recommendation of 5.95 percent.

We have a shot at killing this proposal TODAY by getting votes in the Finance Committee. Below, you will find a list Finance Committee members along with their email addresses. Stop what you are doing right now and send an email to every one of them explaining how important the sales tax exemption is to your company. ATA tells me that 40 states exempt trucks from their sales taxes.

Keep it short and don’t be shy.

Please send me a copy of what you send and more importantly, any response you receive. OK, let’s go to work. The committee meeting is scheduled for 11 a.m. today.

Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee – Committee Membership

The links below provide either a direct link to a web page where you can fill out a form to contact the individual committee member, or it contains a direct link to their email address. Links to forms will open in a new browser tab. Links to email addresses may open an email in your email client, or you may have to right click and “Copy Email Address” to paste it into your email client.

Finance Committee Position Name
Co-Chair Fonfara, John W.
Co-Chair Berger, Jeffrey J.
Ranking Member Frantz, L. Scott
Ranking Member Davis, Christopher
Member Albis, James
Member Alexander, David
Member Altobello, Emil
Member Arce, Angel
Member Boukus, Elizabeth A.
Member Brycki, Paul
Member Butler, Larry B.
Member Cassano, Steve
Member Coleman, Eric D.
Member Fox, Daniel J.
Member Hennessy, John “Jack” F.
Vice Chair Lemar, Roland J.
Vice Chair Leone, Carlo
Member Lopes, Rick
Member Moore, Marilyn
Member Morin, Russell A.
Member Mushinsky, Mary M.
Member Reed, Lonnie
Member Rojas, Jason
Member Sanchez, Robert
Vice Chair Santiago, Hilda E.
Member Serra, Joseph C.
Member Stafstrom, Steven
Member Stallworth, Charlie L.
Member Steinberg, Jonathan
Member Verrengia, Joe
Member Winfield, Gary A.
Member Zoni, David
Member Berthel, Eric C.
Member Boucher, Toni
Member Bumgardner, Aundré
Member Candelora, Vincent J.
Member Carter, Dan
Member Devlin, Laura
Member Floren, Livvy R.
Member Frey, John H.
Member Harding, Stephen G.
Member Hoydick, Laura R.
Member McLachlan, Michael A.
Member Perillo, Jason
Member Piscopo, John E.
Member Rebimbas, Rosa C.
Member Rutigliano, David
Member Shaban, John T.
Member Srinivasan, Prasad
Member Wood, Terrie
Member Yaccarino, Dave W.