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Certified medical examination forms

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is expected to delay the implementation date for use of new Medical Examiners Report and Medical Certificate. The agency had been targeting a date of Dec. 22, 2015 for use of the new forms, at which point use of the current forms would not have been allowed, and use of new forms would have been required. However, the new forms had not been made available by FMCSA until very recently.

FMCSA is expected to state that the new forms may NOT be used until the new compliance deadline (TBD). The new deadline for use of the new forms is expected to be sometime in February or March, 2016. This means current forms will have to be used longer than expected. MTAC has the current forms in stock, and will also have the new forms available as the new deadline approaches.

MTAC will keeps its members posted on the status of required use of the new forms.