CDL apprenticeship grant opportunity

MTAC recently met with senior Connecticut Department of Labor officials to discuss the availability of apprenticeship funds that could be used by the trucking industry. Specifically, funds are available that could be used towards the cost of tuition at a commercial driving school.

Department of Labor officials reported that as much as $3,500 is available and could be used to cover tuition at a commercial driving school for each student, as part of the apprenticeship program. In order to qualify for the grant, a student would have to be involved in an apprenticeship program comprised of a 2,000 hour (approximately one year) curriculum.

MTAC believes that a program like this could be a good way to attract qualified workers and help address the shortage of commercial truck drivers at the same time. MTAC would like to put together a working group to develop a curriculum for an apprenticeship program. Some other states have programs like this already underway, and their curriculums could be used as a baseline for what MTAC develops for a Connecticut apprenticeship program.

Please contact Joe Sculley if you would be willing to be involved in a working group to develop an apprenticeship curriculum.