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There is no such thing as a ‘temporary’ toll

Op Ed in CT Mirror by MTAC President Joe Sculley. Reports continue to come out about a revamped push for tolls, and reportedly this time they will be “limited” to bridges. There are claims about bridge tolls being removed once the costs of a bridge repair are paid for, which is very hard to believe. […]

Rebuttal: Connecticut DOT does not have a car culture

Op Ed in CT Mirror by MTAC President Joe Sculley. In his May 30 submission, Robert Hale of New Haven submits that Connecticut DOT “remains wedded to investment decisions that prioritize private vehicle use instead of transit.” The fact that 64 percent of the ConnDOT operating budget is eaten up by transit subsidies (even though […]

Connecticut trucking supports USMCA

The Connecticut trucking industry is voicing its support for the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement and is urging Congress to approve the pact. “Ensuring that the US is able to continue to conduct trade with our neighbors is highly important to our industry,” said Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (MTAC) President Joe Sculley. “The USMCA has […]

Tolls, like income tax, will hurt Connecticut economy

HBJ Op Ed by MTAC President Joe Sculley. They say those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Everyone in Connecticut should study history of the creation of the state income tax, because the state appears on track to being doomed to repeat a bad decision by implementing tolls. When the income […]

Trucking moves America forward

MTAC President Joe Sculley’s Op Ed in CT Mirror’s Viewpoints. Did you know that 94 percent of manufactured tonnage transported in Connecticut is moved by truck? That’s according to data from the U.S. government’s most recent Commodity Flow Survey. This figure almost single-handedly proves the phrase, “if you bought it, a truck brought it.” With […]

Trucks do contribute to maintaining roads

MTAC President Joseph Sculley’s Letter to the Editor of New London Day. The Day is now the fourth Connecticut newspaper to print an opinion piece claiming that out-of-state trucks travel through Connecticut for free. This is not true. In your editorial, “Tolling only viable choice to pay for Connecticut’s transportation needs,” (July 20), you wrote, […]

Policymakers wrongly targeting small business truckers

Hartford Business Journal Op Ed by MTAC President Joseph Sculley. Small business trucking companies have so much money, it’s like they are sitting on piles of cash and they don’t know what to do with it. This must be what some leaders and policymakers in Connecticut, and elsewhere, are currently thinking. It’s the only way […]

Stay away from tolls

From MTAC President Joe Sculley’s Letter to the Editor of the Hartford Courant: In your Oct. 12 editorial – Five Reasons Connecticut Needs A Budget Now – you state “Connecticut will have to do what states from Maine to North Carolina have done: install tolls on the state’s highways, the third busiest in the nation.” […]

MTAC Annual Meeting Recap

On October 29, 2015, at its 95th annual meeting, the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (MTAC) elected four new members to serve on the Board of Directors. The new members, who will all serve two year terms, are: Don DeVivo, President, DATTCO; Bob Hill, President, W.B. Hill; Matthew McConnell, CEO, Black Rock Truck Group; Ed Roy, […]