ATA’s Chris Spear: 2022 has brought trucking major victories

From Transport Topics.

American Trucking Associations President Chris Spear said he is excited to talk about the victories the federation has achieved over the past year, but he’s equally energized about taking on the issues facing it in the months ahead.

“We’ve probably had more tier one wins this year than ever before,” Spear said during an interview with Transport Topics in advance of ATA’s Management Conference & Exhibition, set for Oct. 22-25 in San Diego. Specifically, he mentioned a victory in the U.S. Supreme Court that blocked enactment of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that would have applied to trucking companies, as well as a federal court victory that ruled a truck-only tolling plan in Rhode Island was unconstitutional.

Spear noted that the vaccine mandate case, “was something that [ATA] brought the lawsuit and led the fight on.” In Rhode Island, Spear said the judge, “issued such a well-reasoned decision that really sent a signal, not to just Rhode Island, but to other states as well.” Spear added, “I think these issues really illustrate why we fight.”

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