ATA opposes EPA reversal on gliders under Phase 2 Rules

In comments submitted January 5, ATA strongly recommended EPA not advance its Proposed Rule for Repeal of Emission Requirements for Glider Vehicles, Glider Engines, and Glider Kits. The agency had originally directed the phase-out of gliders under the Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks finalized in October 2016, but the current EPA has now proposed to reverse its own final rule.

ATA’s opposition to leaving gliders unregulated include: EPA’s reinterpretation of its legal authority could create a loophole for complying with modern emission requirements; EPA has clear legal authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate rebuilt engines; the continued growth of gliders creates a competitive disadvantage for fleets purchasing new, clean equipment and circumvents today’s stringent emissions standards; unchecked and exponential growth of the glider market has been created in part by EPA mandating emission technology pathways that are not thoroughly tested and proven; and failure to regulate the oldest and highest polluting vehicles on the nation’s highways runs counter to EPA’s historical support for the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act to replace, retrofit, or repower high-emitting diesel engines.

EPA will next review the 24,000+ submitted comments and decide to either retain the original glider phase-out language under the Final Phase 2 Rule or repeal the provisions. The agency has not set a timeline for its decision.