Air System Seminar

Increase your knowledge and decrease your stopping distances by joining MTAC and Fleet Pro® at their Air System Seminar. Stopping begins with a good understanding of how the air system on board a truck works. If you can’t correctly identify and repair problems in this system, you can’t call your vehicle safe.

In this seminar you will learn component identification and function from the air compressor to the brake chamber. Using state-of-the-art technology, the course will cover the troubleshooting and repair of the charging system, the primary system, the secondary system, and the park/emergency system. Learn whether the compressor needs service or replacement. Get the inside information on air de-icers, after- coolers, and air dryers. Learn how to properly clean a system after a failure has occurred and understand the function of the Treadle Pedal, the Inversion Valve, and the Bobtail Proportioning Valve.

*Refunds will be given with 48-hour notice of cancellation in advance of scheduled class.

Course Fee

  • MTAC Members – $140 per person
  • Non-Members – $280 per person

Course fees include materials and lunch. Add 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax to course fees.