The Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, Inc. (MTAC) was founded in 1920 with less than 20 members. Over the years, membership has grown to a high of almost 1,400 companies. In 1933, MTAC joined the American Highway Freight Association. Later that year, the American Highway Freight Association and the Federated Truck Association merged to become the American Trucking Associations (ATA), and MTAC has been part of the ATA Federation ever since.

mtac-logo002Much has changed over the last 90 years. Many of the traditional freight haulers have either gone out of business or moved their operations out of Connecticut.

Federal regulations governing trucks engaged in interstate for-hire carry have expanded to now include just about every commercial vehicle on the road.

Small companies such as landscaping or plumbing that happen to use a truck in their business are just as likely to be MTAC members as the traditional over-the-road freight company.

Whether a true trucking company or a business that happens to use a truck, each finds value in belonging to MTAC. In fact, many member have been with the association for 50 years or more.

As an organization, MTAC maintains trusted, long-term relationships with nearly every member. People rely on the guidance and advice offered by MTAC in so many areas. This explains why so many members feel as if they are as much a part of a “family” as they are members in a trade association.

Government Representation

We are Connecticut’s best transportation resource. We understand the law. MTAC is a trusted and respected advocate that works closely with the agencies responsible for enforcement. We have long-standing relationships with the Departments of Motor Vehicles, State Police, Transportation, and Revenue Services. We know who to call and what to say.

Our expertise goes beyond Connecticut. We are an integral part of the American Trucking Associations’ Federation where we draw upon the expertise of nationally recognized experts in the fields of safety, law, the environment and commerce. Along with the 49 other state trucking associations we are actively engaged in solving the problems of the trucking industry. Our relationships allow us to help our members get information and assistance and to move safely and efficiently throughout Connecticut and across the country.

Representing a widely diverse membership, MTAC works tirelessly day in and day out, year after year, on the issues that affect the bottom line of every company. Facing concerns over regulation, taxation, and legislation on behalf of our membership is one reason companies belong to MTAC. MTAC offers expert advice on complicated regulatory laws, valuable training seminars, one stop shopping for DOT-required paperwork, and ancillary services such as health insurance programs and access to Connecticut’s largest drug and alcohol testing consortium.


MTAC provides networking opportunities for members through many different forums

  • Annual Membership Directory
  • Seminars
  • Annual Meeting
  • Truck Driving Championship
  • Truck Driver Appreciation Day
  • Call On Washington
  • Newsletters

MTAC is here to protect and promote the interests of the Connecticut Trucking Industry in whatever way we can. Whether it’s through legislation, information, or education, we are here to help you stay safe and on the road.

Contact us today, and join the more than 800 members that we are proud to serve.