2017 Truck Driving Championship results

The Connecticut Truck Driving Championship was held on Saturday, June 10 at FedEx Freight in Windsor Locks, Conn. Congratulations to Grand Champion Tony Spero from ABF Freight, who earned the award for the second consecutive year. The following is a list of winners from all classes of competition. Congratulations to all of the winners.

Step Van

  • 1st Place: GLEN COOKE, FedEx Express
  • 2nd Place: John Sanchez, FedEx Express

Straight Truck

  • 1st Place: DERRICK BELIN, All Waste
  • 2nd Place: Randy Kaufman, Mondelez International
  • 3rd Place: Drew Martin, FedEx Express


  • 1st Place: ERNIE BUDLOWSKI, XPO Logistics
  • 2nd Place: James Calvin, Frito Lay
  • 3rd Place: Tony Orfitelli, XPO Logistics


  • 1st Place: DAVID BRYANT, FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Mike Erick, YRC
  • 3rd Place: Cruz Vasquez, FedEx Freight

5-Axle Van

  • 1st Place: DAVE BUONOCORE, Bozzuto’s
  • 2nd Place: John Greene, FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Clint Martin, Domino’s SCC CT


  • 1st Place: PAUL BRANDON, FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Ozzie Bartlett, Bozzuto’s
  • 3rd Place: Mike Richard, Frito Lay


  • 1st Place: MARK MCCLURE, Domino’s SCC CT
  • 2nd Place: Calvin Gee, FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Brian Belanger, Bozzuto’s

Tank Truck

  • 1st Place: TONY SPERO, ABF Freight
  • 2nd Place: Randy Frazier, Coastal Carriers
  • 3rd Place: Arden Casiano, Frito Lay

Twin Trailers

  • 1st Place: DONALD BOILEAU JR., ABF Freight
  • 2nd Place: John Brown, Domino’s SCC CT
  • 3rd Place: Thomas Griffin, FedEx Freight

Company Award (highest average score): FedEx Freight

Bob Toce Award (highest score in 4-axle): David Bryant, FedEx Freight

Rookie of the Year (highest score among first time competitors): Derrick Belin, All Waste

Pre-Trip Award (highest pre-trip score): John Sanchez, FedEx Express